MEETT | Toulouse Exhibition Center

Field of intervention: technical development, manufacture and installation

 In 2016, a project was launched to create a new exhibition center in Toulouse, the MEETT, to replace that of the Ile du Ramier.

Toulouse Métropole thinks big: with its 55 hectares, this park is one of the largest in France. The monumental scale calls more than elsewhere to put in place clear and functional signage.
The architectural agency OMA, in charge of the project, therefore breaks down signage into two categories: permanent signage, which remains fixed, and event signage, which changes according to the exhibitions. The requested items are screens, illuminated signs, cut steel and paint markings.

In order to faithfully meet expectations, Empreinte has surrounded itself with two partners: Fluo Néon, specialist in illuminated signs, and Vidélio, specialist in screens. Empreinte assumes the role of the team's representative, ensuring project coordination, quality control and the HQE (High Environmental Quality) dimension. Being certified ISO 14001 (environmental management), Empreinte started with a head start on the subject.
In addition, our internal design office designed all the objects, and our integrated metalworking subsidiary, Empreinte Métal, built all the supports.

The facade is equipped with a giant screen ("LED strip") made up of LED ribbons, and an illuminated sign 7 meters high. The "central street" is equipped with suspended screens, which can be controlled remotely, and illuminated signs attached to metal structures. As for the pillars that punctuate this monumental alley, they have been given stencils of mineral paint, as has the overhanging parking lot - where different dilutions of paint make it possible to organize directional information.

In the exhibitors parking lot, Empreinte installed cut-out steel plates, flagged on the lighting poles. In the halls (as in the parking lot), huge metal numbers allow exhibitors to find their way from the outside.

Pedestrian signage welcomes and guides visitors from the tram, using the stencil technique used on the raw concrete surfaces of the MEETT.

The Toulouse Exhibition and Convention Center was nominated in 2020 in the "Activities" category of the Équerre d'argent, an architecture award that recognizes the best achievements of France each year.

Contracting party

Project managers
OMA, ppa architectures and Taillandier Architectes Associés

Technical characteristics
Die-cut galvanized steel, stenciled mineral paint, HQE (High Environmental Quality) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) site

MEETT website

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