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Empreinte handles all stages of the manufacturing process for your signage, from design to delivery. Since the company was created Empreinte has been committed to finding the best solutions to your requirements.

The company has built its reputation on its ability to reproduce any visual on enamelled lava stone. This natural and demanding product has forged the company's values: thoroughness, precision, respect for the customer and his needs.

The company has grown over time and now has 35 employees. The team includes signage production experts, designers, graphic designers, an architect, screen-print operatives, assemblers, etc. Empreinte can now meet all your requirements for customised signage.

Empreinte supports you in the manufacturing and technical development of all your outdoor and indoor signage projects, helping to showcase historic and natural heritage sites.

The company

In order to strengthen our international presence, we are looking for specialized sales partners in several countries. Should you be interested by this opportunity, please contact Philippe Harichaux.